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Moon Festival 2024

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the “Moon Festival” is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. It’s a time for families to get together and celebrate. It’s also a time of giving thanks for a good harvest.

When is Moon Festival?

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September 17

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Mid Autumn Festival

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Some quick facts about the Chinese Autumn Festival

Chinese autumn festival 2024 will be celebrated on September 17th. The mid-autumn moon festival 2024, occurring on the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is celebrated on the 15th day of this month. If you want to know why and when the mooncake festival is celebrated, here is the reply.

In China, the full moon is the symbol of family reunions. Hence the moon on the night of the mid-autumn festival is believed to be the brightest and the most beautiful, which should be celebrated as a lunar festival.

Being the second most important festival in China, the Moon cake festival is celebrated with dinners hosted, worshiping the moon, enjoying moon cakes (cakes mostly baked in the shape of the moon), and family reunions at the table outside homes to admire a full moon. The sky lights up with colorful paper lanterns on the moon cake festival as people will enjoy this Chinese moon holiday schedule for three consecutive days. Moon cakes specially baked on this harvest festival represent the mid-autumn festival’s food due to their circular shape and sweet flavors. Traditionally, the cakes had red beans or lotus seed paste filling. However, with modernization, mooncakes can be sourced from markets well-in-advance in unique flavors such as ice cream and chocolate shaped in various forms

  • The mooncake festival or mid-autumn festival celebration originated 3,000 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty.
  • Dates for this festival change every year but are celebrated in September or October.
  • The 3-day public holiday festival witnesses a travel peak.
  • It is the second most important festival in China after the Chinese New Year.
  • Mid-autumn Festival is also a gift-giving opportunity.
  • The Chinese Autumn Festival is also called Chuseok in South Korea.
  • Marks the end of the autumn harvest in China
  • Mooncake festival means family reunion to appreciate the lunar beauty of the full moon sipping tea, composing poetry in the Tang Dynasty style, enjoying moon cakes under the moonlight, and worshipping the moon god. 
  • Lanterns of pomelos, pumpkins, oranges, and tiles are made and hung by children as a custom.
  • As per the folklore, Goddess Chang E flew to the moon on this day.

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