Why is the Moon Rabbit on the Moon

June 3, 2021
why is the rabbit on the moon

The Rabbit On The Moon Has A Story Behind 

The moon rabbit, also known as Jade Rabbit, is being said to be spotted on the moon. Sounds weird, right? Well, it isn’t a joke in most Asian countries. Many Asian countries celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival as one of the most important festivals. It is celebrated to worship the Moon Goddess Chang’e during harvest, wishing for bountiful fruitage.

The Chinese moon festival legends have it that the Rabbit has kept the Moon Goddess Chang’e ever since it was sent on the moon. On the festival night, people look up to the moon and claim that they can see the Jade Rabbit pounding something in a mortar. Grab a Japanese moon rabbit mochi and enjoy the moon rabbit story!

How Did the Rabbit End Up on the Moon?

Rabbit on the moon - Moon festival

There are different stories in different countries which describe the tale behind Rabbit on the moon, Moon festival, and what he’s pounding. But it all firstly goes back to how he landed on the moon. 

One fun fact about the moon festival jade rabbit story is that the Rabbit was not always known as the Jade Rabbit. It used to be a normal animal living on the Earth. Everything in his life changed the day when the Jade Emperor transformed himself into an older man and went in search of food.

He came across a monkey, otter, jackal, and Rabbit on his way. He asked them if they could provide them with something to eat. The monkey jumped from one tree to another and got him fruits, the otter got him fish, and the jackal stole some milk curds and brought them to the older man, while the Rabbit, on the other hand, could only find grass. Knowing that he couldn’t offer grass for a human to eat, he offered himself and jumped right into the fire that the older man had started. Looking at his boldness, the older man was impressed and revealed his true identity. As a reward for his bravery, the Jade Emperor sent him off to the moon to live as the immortal Rabbit, and it has been known as the Jade Rabbit ever since. He also is a companion to the Moon Goddess and keeps her company. In remembrance of this act, people eat mooncakes as a mid-autumn festival food.

So, the Rabbit wasn’t just an adorable animal. These qualities got him the honor of living on the moon. He was sent there so that people could look up to him and reflect on his selflessness, sacrificial nature, and nerve into themselves. The Mid-autumn Festival in Philippines also dictates similar stories to generations. 

What are the Things Said to be Pounded by the Jade Rabbit

In China, the Jade Rabbit is said to pound the elixir of life for Chang’e as described in the Chang’e flying to the moon summary. But he was unsuccessful and is seen pounding in his mortar for years trying to brew the right elixir. When people in China, in the present time, look up to the moon, they believe they can see the Jade Rabbit still attempting to brew the elixir.

Rabbit on the moon is celebrated in Japan and Korea, They also celebrate the Moon Festival, and there it is said that the Moon Rabbit pounds mochi or rice cakes in his pestle. Moon rabbit mochi is quite a popular delicacy enjoyed in Japan during the moon festival. In Korea, the Rabbit is a symbol of fertility and thus is celebrated with delight all over the country. Conversely, in Japan, the Rabbit symbolizes cleverness and self-devotion. The story behind the Moon Rabbit in these countries is similar to that in China but has slight alterations, but all have the jade rabbit moon reward – an immortal gift!

During the Chinese moon holiday, people enjoy taking their family out on short trips. 

People Also Ask

Why does the moon rabbit make mochi?

There are many legends about why the moon rabbit makes mochi, but the most common one is that the moon rabbit pounds mochi to give to the Jade Emperor, who is the ruler of heaven. The Jade Emperor is said to be a kind and just ruler, and the moon rabbit is said to be a symbol of good luck.

What is Japanese Moon Rabbit?

Japanese Moon Rabbit is a folktale about a rabbit that lives on the moon and makes mochi (rice cakes).

What does the rabbit in the moon symbolize?

The rabbit in the moon symbolizes fertility and abundance.

Is the Jade Rabbit a God?

No, the Jade Rabbit is not a god.

How many jade Rabbits are on the Moon?

There are nine jade rabbits on the moon.

What is Jade Rabbit famously known for on the Moon?

The Jade Rabbit is a Chinese mythological character who is said to live on the Moon. He is often portrayed as a rabbit who pounds herbs for the elixir of life.

What does a rabbit symbolize in Korea?

A rabbit symbolizes longevity and good fortune in Korea.

Does the jade rabbit have a name?

The jade rabbit is also known as the moon rabbit or the lunar rabbit.

Why is Jade Rabbit with Chang E?

Jade Rabbit is with Chang E because they are both associated with the moon in Chinese mythology.

What is the rabbit making on the moon?

The rabbit on the moon is making a cake.

How do you say Moon Rabbit in Japanese?

In Japanese, the moon rabbit is called 月兎(げつぎょ).

Why does Japan see a rabbit in the moon?

Some say that the bunny is a symbol of fertility or rebirth, and others believe that it is a reminder of an ancient folktale in which a hero rescues a moon goddess from a wicked rabbit.

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